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14 October 2007 @ 08:19 pm
You look tired
Would it help to hear me say
Don’t you worry
Friday’s not that far away?

On the weekends
We try to get our share
Of excitement and of fresh air
Trying to forget
Who we’re gonna be
When the alarm rings
On Monday morning

Going to meet Francoise and Mai for breakfast tomorrow. Since afternoon plans have been cancelled I've decided to bake! XD So exciting<3333! Ahaha, being retarded I know. But I haven't baked in the longest time.

Ahaha, let's finally go to the archade next Sunday! I'm dying to play DDR and whatever else :D Watched Gundam 00, they are pretty. The character designs, is much better than SEED or DESTINY. Let us ship the greatness that Kouga Yun is.
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12 October 2007 @ 10:04 pm
very tired and exhausting. Will post properly tomorrow.

Just tired.
And I churned out my I&R in 1 hour before the midnight deadline.

Brain dead?
Hell yeah.

09 October 2007 @ 08:19 am
Ahaha I've beeeen listening to the radiorip of Weeeek.

It's so happy, and geeeenki and happy happy!
It's so cute, I love it.

Is it just me or Tesshi's hair reminds me of a really tasty mushroom? Ad Pi flying while singing Seishun Amigo was just, wtf :D Ahhhh, I want to watch the new Russ-K ad.

I'm just beeeeing annoying adding additional 'e's to my words.

Ok, off to SPA!
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08 October 2007 @ 10:47 pm
[X] You respect Mario.
[X] You know who Shigeru Miyamoto is.
[ ] You believe the DS is superior to the PSP.
[ ] You hate Sonic for being a cool whore, as well as SEGA fanboys.
[ ] You love cartridges over CDs.
[ ] You feel sick whenever someone mentions "CD-i Phillips".
[ ] You still like Pokemon...even a teeny tiny bit.

[X] You respect Sonic.
[ ] You know who Yuji Naka is.
[X] You weep for the Dreamcast.
[X] You dream for Shenmue 3
[ ] You hate Mario for being so lame and fat, as well as Nintendo fanboys.
[ ] You love harlequin clothes for reminding you of NiGHTS.
[ ] You love the Virtua Fighter series.

[ ] You love HALO. (Yeah, even though I've never owned an Xbox. Uh, whut?)
[ ] You bought at least one multi-format game on Xbox.
[ ] You know who Blinx is.
[ ] You are proud of your Gamerscore.
[X] You smile at how everyone complains about the PS3 MORE than they did at the 360.
[ ] You find such a thing as having a full memory store to be inconceivable.
[ ] You have been on Xbox Live.

[ ] You have a PS3.
[X] You believe the PS2 has the greatest game library ever.
[X] You believe the PSP is superior to the DS.
[X] You hate the Xbox and the 360.
[ ] You bought the PS3 as soon as it was out.
[X] You know who Ken Kutarugi is.
[ ] You consider Resistance: Fall of Man superior to Gears of War.

[ ] You know what an Atari console looks like.
[X] You played Space Invaders, Pong and/or Pacman.
[ ] If you are British, you know what a ZX Spectrum is. If you are American, you know what a Commodore 64 is. (I know both because it was covered in IGS last semester! lol)
[ ] You wish you didn't know of E.T the game.
[ ] You love point-and-click games.
[X] You emulate
[X] You despise anyone who can't respect the old skool.

[X] You played Time Crisis and/or Virtua Cop
[ ] You consider HALO inferior to Goldeneye 007.
[ ] You consider Goldeneye 007 inferior to HALO.
[X] You snort in disgust at the idea Columbine was caused by playing too much DOOM.
[X] You have played Counter Strike and fragged merrily. haha both shooting games played secretly on my bro's comp
[ ] You know why everyone hates medics yet you've never been in the army.
[ ] You've done Grand Theft Auto and yet never been in jail.

[X] You love at least one Final Fantasy game.
[X] You cried at least once during any RPG game.
[X] You named at least one videogame character after yourself. Aya Brea Parasite Eve? Hell yeah. It's the other way around though...
[X] You equate videogame music of RPGs to the artistic level of Wagner or Beethoven.
[X] You know that even the most effeminate villain can become badass with a brilliant theme song. Es Tuas Iteris!
[X] You believe that your heart is the most powerful weapon. cheesy I know, KH<3
[X] You've dreamed of having an RPG adventure with your friends/family, level upgrades et al.

[X] You do a Hadoken. OMG. Ryu.
[X] You know at least one Fatality.
[X] You mash buttons like Chun Li kicks.
[ ] You have calluses on your thumbs.
[ ] You've injured yourself mimicking at least one move from a game.
[ ] You know kung fu.
[ ] You know of, or play, M.U.G.E.N.

[ ] You know more titles of games in Japanese than others do. I'd like to think so
[ ] The Dreamcast is still alive to you.
[X] You despise the NTSC/PAL divide.
[ ] Money is no object to you.
[X] Customs can go to hell.
[X] You pity the average continent-bound gamer.
[X] You praise emulator hackers.
08 October 2007 @ 09:56 am
I want to watch the NewS Taipei concert.
Meanwhile, I'm just listening to a lot of NewS' songs.

Woke up at 8, I don't have a paper today so I'm just going to slack a bit. Did some laundry, had breakfast and now on the comp.
Russ-K! LOL. I poked and prodded their site. It's very very amusing, especially the catalog. And the CMs, ROFLMAO Massu's poses and Koyama jumping onto Pi.

Met Mon, Sak, Cyn and Kiwi! yesterday at Dhoby Gaut. Headed over to KKnM. No monies to buy anything, basically looked around. Walked to Bugis Kino. I SEE MAGAZINES. ESPECIALLY DENGENKI. Although it's the same one I saw at Taka Kino with Cyn. Mon bought double copies of Potato and Wink-up with HeySay. Cyn likes Yabu's new hair, it reminds me of... fairy floss.

Sat in Mos and read/yakked/katamari-ed.

Had to go for mass.
Missed the bus.

Got on the comp, CAPS ABUSE with my sis, squeed with cyn about the taipei con, talked to my brother (haha! Yes I watched Transformers twice)
Spend the rest of the night deciding what to type in the email to my dad.
Yes, I 'draft' emails sent to him.

Haven't been sleeping to well.

Oh yes, reminder to self.
05 October 2007 @ 06:44 pm

I'm lazy to post proper. Tomorrow, I procastinate.
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02 October 2007 @ 09:36 am
Baltimore rhymes with Singapore

So, I have no paper this morning or the entire day for that matter. I woke up at 7.30, caught up with my doramas/anime. The scene with Yasako talking to the Illegal in episode 14 of Dennou Coil is kind of unsettling. I swear I love that series but it takes so damn long to release subs.

Fall 2007.
There isn't very many series I'd be following except maybe, just maybe Gundam 00.
Taking into consideration Kouga Yun did the character designs and well, I've never missed a Gundam series *coughFANBOYBROTHERcough* He'll probably want me to send to him along with Heroes, Claymore and Naruto Shipuuden. Speculation, second season of Geass will replace Gundam 00 in Spring 2008. It's going to be a long wait, unfortunately.


It's too pleasant a day to be spent mugging.
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01 October 2007 @ 07:00 pm
2 papers left!

I'm deeeead.

2 hours bio in the morning then 1hr 35 min of econs.

Tired. I hate the waiting in between morning and afternoon papers. Sat in the library with Xu Lu, Aysha and Darryl. Ended up playing chinese chess with Darryl. Got pwned.

I haven't played in the longest time.

Met JJ after the econs paper, went to Provence for my milk pan fix. Talked in to Kie before is started work. LOL, she's scary yo.
I'm under the impression that JJ was rather lost about what happened yesterday, lost and amused simultaneously. Then he, being a blur sotong in the weirdest ways almost rival to Sak, didn't have enough money to take a bus home so I went down to give him. I just realise by posting this I've just given anyone who reads this blackmail material to suan him. Oops, my bad.


Anyway I'm just sleepy...

Going Melbourne Details
Departs Nov 22 9.55am
Return Dec 2 9.35pm

So anyone wants/needs me to pass them things to tsu (or whoever else)

I'm looking through gouk, I <3 that coat! Right, being random.
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30 September 2007 @ 07:56 am
It's 7 in the morning.

I just watched Hanakimi finale.


Sano in a maid outfit!
Kagurazaka shockuuu

The scene with Sano and Nakatsu in maid/nurse outfits repectively peeing in the loo is hilarious.

Toma is hot in specs.
The gay doctor is <3

It's too early for fangirling
It's never too early


it has ended

this is an absolutely pointless entry.
[edit] I just watched Heroes Season 2 Episode 1. I am a Noah Bennett fan I swear.
29 September 2007 @ 05:41 pm

Woke up at 7 plus. Tried to clean up my table and file some of my notes, had breakfast and it was off to Ms Ving's in the nice pleasant morning, breezy and clear. Kind of fun-happy ish,a good change from the depressing constant rain weather the past few days which I'm inclined to sleep away.

Walking to Ms Ving's house is always pleasant, the area at Penang road is always quiet and breezy. When the wind blows, the trees shower yellow petals. So kena headache thanks to Maths, fortunately I'm left with the last revision paper!  Leaving Ms Ving's got trapped in the midday sun. Strolled into Orchard Emerald's MOS. Here's the argument I presented Darryl with who was tempted to join me.

1. I need my caffeine fix (read a MOS milk tea + creamer ritual)
3. It's hot outside damnit, especially in the afternoons at my house. Really hot.
4. It's quiet, usually.
5. Its near Ms Ving's house.

So planted my ass from 11 plus - 4pm. Cyn came at 1plus to join me and we mugged.

We mugged.
I've finished revising the whole of the J1 H1 econs syllabus for my promo paper on Monday.
Yes, feeling very very accomplished.

So tonight I'm going to do bio:
-DNA and Genomics
-Cell Division
-Genetic Basis for Variation (<3)

Tomorrow (at Subway/MOS with the gang<33)
-2 MCQ & Section B papers

Right now, I just need to stay away from the bookshelf. MUST RESIST.

PS, I <3 the piano bit in Cassis (Kie is going to fry me, she's anti-GazettE and that fanatical Kyo cosplayer I know from Provence who is currently in Sendai to watch Diru)

Does anyone have the Jin's Ha Ha rip? My sis wants. Thanks
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