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29 November 2007 @ 10:14 pm
the skies above  

Oh noes. I have found Chrono Cross for PSP on eslpap. Or rather my lovely brother has given me the link. I haven't got enough yura to post properly.

1. It's been a week. Gundam Kosong Kosong episode 8! Heroes season 2 ep 10! Desperate Housewives season 4 ep 9! Yukan Club 6 & 7!
2. Chrono Cross PSX for PSP.... wants desperately
3. Went to Brunswick. Got a cheap cardigan and earrings for people.
4. it's 10. I'm kind of hungry. Safeway croissants with beef and capsicum sounds pretty good.
5. Had soulvaki yesterday. It was awesome.
6. Been hanging out on youtube/crunchyroll/veoh
7. Slept at 5... this morning.
8. Woke up too damn early
9. God I love Lattes.
10. I love chai lattes even more.
11. Why can't the good food just concentrate in one damn place for convenience?
12. But that would be boring!
13. I need some rice...
14. Had churros with dark chocolate
15. Going Vic market tomorrow
16. I now have tetris on my facebook.
17. ...it's addictive
18. chronocrosschronocrosschronocrosschronocross
can't wait to get home and get it.
I want to play it. Really.

I should stop rambling.
I miss everyone. Damn, I missed Hero.
Current Music: The Black Mages - Vamo Alla Flamenco