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15 October 2007 @ 08:33 pm
Woke up.

Met Francoise for breakfast. Went crazy at the food section of Kino. It was so much fun, oogling at cookbooks and being ridiculous. She went for mass at Novena while I went to Cold Storage to pick up hundreds and thousands for my soon-to-be awesome cupcakes.

It started raining as I went home.

They are so cute :D Sak thinks they should be on poupee. I made 12, one stolen while icing (by me, couldn't resist mate) and I gave one to Lao Shi who later gave me a lunch treat of wonton mee because the washing after baking just, kills.

They taste awesome.
Meh, I really should pass one to Cyn, Sak and Francoise.

Did PW.
Really, do you want me to elaborate?

Cooked dinner.
Watched Gundam 00. I love it. And it's cheesiness. I mean who names a character Allelujah Haptism? And Tiera is pretty...Setsuna's seiyuu is Mamouru Miyano, a plus and Shinichiro Miki the other guy. I see sparkles! Yes, cheesy and GHEY. It's so working for me. Sunrise, you have redeemed yourself from all that shit during DESTINY. It's rather reminiscent of Wing...

I've got this lump in my throat.

I'm worried about my results tomorrow. The anxiety is kicking in, I've been feeling queasy all night. I'll be getting back in chronological order: Chinese, GP, Chem and Bio.

Oh noes.

Just breathe

And sleep.
Current Music: Ilaria Graziano - replica (from Ghost in the Shell : Solid State Society)